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    That machine is a mixed marriage if I ever saw one..
    It's like a Lincoln painted Miller blue.

    Did you at least configure the treadle to run the machine speed controller?
    You could probably pick up a lot more repair work from the manufacturer in Fairberry Nebraska.
    I wouldn't mention the underwear thing when soliciting though. You could get inundated by lonely female flag stitchers.
    They're a dangerous group, accustomed to working at a climb in station similar to a sailmaker's setup.

    You got any deals on wellhead gas you can hook me up with?


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      I'd like to see what kind of shootin range you got on that vast spread. We could set up a bunch of old welding hoods and shoot the lens out. See which protective covers shatter the best.

      How's that for on topic?


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        You left out grinding Ryan.
        Take another shot at it.


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          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
          I'd like to see what kind of shootin range you got on that vast spread.

          How's that for on topic?
          I bought a 4x4 sheet of 1/2" AR500 plate to make bullet traps from. Thats my project coming up as soon as i get un packed. There is a mile stretch thats clear right next to the power lines.
          Bob Wright


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            You think that location might be a little obvious when insulators catch lead poisoning?