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  • 8vs trouble

    Hello all, I have a Miller 8vs that started acting up today. It has a Tweco no. 4 Weldskill mig gun and running .045 wire through it off and engine driven power source. Out of nowhere when I hit the trigger it would not power up and move wire. If I let it sit or kicked the rpms up on the power source it would work again. I tried my other suitcase to make sure it wasn't the engine driven machine. Any help would be great.

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    Start simple. Voltage sensing wire clamp making good contact?
    Trigger wires from gun to feeder all in good condition with good connections?
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      Engine rpm set correctly? I know with my machine if the rpm is to low at "idle" it will not kick up to "weld" speed properly on it's own. More pronounced with long leads. Also sometimes connections inside the feeder get "corroded". Pop the cover and just unplug and plug all the connections back in to make sure they have good contact. I have to do that maybe once a year.
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        Thanks for the suggestions.