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Miller gas Welder aead 200le arc is weak

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  • Miller gas Welder aead 200le arc is weak

    My Miller gas welder a AEAD 200LE the arc out puti is really weak.

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    Please post serial number

    First thing to look at is the brushes--slip rings not dirty, brushes move freely in their holders, not worn out. I think there is a minimum brush length spec in the manual for that machine. Also, if engine RPM is incorrect, it won't weld very well. Get a Kill-A-Watt meter at Home Depot or Harbor Freight and check the freq on the 60 HZ outlet--follow engine RPM adjustment procedure in the manual, and adjust for 62.5 Hz. at the outlet with no load. You can also look for corroded connections in the weld current path.


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      One of the brushes was disconnected and they were worn so I change all 3,mind you work fine just before this happen?


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        Yep, stuff breaks and gremlins get in equipment.

        So it welds OK now?