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2007 Miller dynasty 200dx problem

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  • 2007 Miller dynasty 200dx problem

    Hello Welding community. I recently bought an older Dynasty 200 dx with really low hours. 2 hours to be exact. I bought it thinking what could possibly happen within 2 hours. last week i went to go run the machine and everything works perfectly fine except for the foot pedal... i did my checks. and also got a new foot pedal and it was not the problem. come to find out the problem was in the pc3 board itself. I check continuity on the diodes and d25 diode was bad. i went to go cut the diode and sure enough now the foot pedal works.. my question is what else should i be looking for as far what resistors are connected to that diode. another question i had was the d25 diode, will it be fine to just leave it cut? what will happen in the long run if i didnt replace it with another diode? and if anyone knows which diode i need so i can replace it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    That's a tough one unless one of the techs responds--the rest of us can't get schematics or parts lists for the boards. At a minimum, you will need to post your serial number to have any chance of getting help. I have a dynasty 200 I'd be willing to look inside of and see if I could figure it out, but mine is not very old and probably wouldn't be much help. You might also post a picture of the area of the board you're working on.