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Diversion 180 not arcing.

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  • Diversion 180 not arcing.

    Hey everyone! Trying to problem solve my machine, it currently won’t arc. I only use TIG 10% of my welding time. And it always been plug and play, no issues.

    Machine: MILLER Diversion 180, foot pedal, non trigger torch. 2% ceriated. 100% argon, mild steel. settings on DC

    Machine turns on, double checked connections. Opened her up to see if there was damage (nothing) Took it in for servicing, guy plugged in pedal they personally use for the store, and It arced fine with my torch, tungsten, and welder. I go to different store buy new pedal that had inventory, and brought home and plugged in. It won’t arc again.... now I’m lost. So old pedal AND new pedal are not telling the machine to weld. Also no gas is being released when depressing pedals. The pedal used at store was same model pedal. Anyone know what the **** im missing?

    I appreciate any help. Just pissed that $280 later (service fee+pedal) and I’m back to square one, and having to look like an ass telling a contractor the same excuse as last time.

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    Check your mains power.


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      I have two different wall plugs, and they both start up the machine fine. Lights come on, fan runs when turning off. Is there something more specific your meaning about the power?


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        What he is saying is, get a volt meter and check the power at the outlets. If you're running on 240 volts, you may have lost a leg. If you're only getting 120 out of the outlets, that's enough to get the machine to turn on and do some things If you don't have a meter, buy one or find someone who does. They're pretty handy to have around.


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          Were you running it on the same input voltage (115 or 230) at the repair shop as at home? I doubt it should matter, but it's a data point.

          How about the cable to the pedal? Did you get a new one with the new pedal, or are you using the old one? What did the guy at the repair shop use for a cable?
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