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  • electric motor armature repair shop

    I'd say this armature is chooched....

    Of course, the part is discontinued and no longer in stock anywhere on the planet.

    Any of you guys ever deal with Eurton Electric out in California? They say they can put a new commutator on there and rewind everything to make it good as new. I was recommended to them by the manufacturer.
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    Chooched eh? I'm thinking maybe so. But your a talented guy. And while it's not that I'm disagreeing, I'm thinking if nothing else, give them something good to repair.

    EDITED in: Not only did I watch the whole thing, I looked up the company you mentioned. I noticed mixed reviews?
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      Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
      I'd say this armature is chooched....

      Of course, the part is discontinued and no longer in stock anywhere on the planet.

      Any of you guys ever deal with Eurton Electric out in California? They say they can put a new commutator on there and rewind everything to make it good as new. I was recommended to them by the manufacturer.
      When I was in the Powerhouse at my former employer, we used "Southwest Electric" and "Evans". Both were in Oklahoma City.
      These motors were in the 75hp to 1300hp range.
      I don't really know how small they serviced.



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        There are a couple of outfits nearby that do this sort of work, but only on big stuff like you mentioned.


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          That is a pretty ugly failure.

          50 years ago I knew just the guy to fix that; lived in North Carolina. Unfortunately, he's been dead for a long time.


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            Hammer it back in place and turn it ...Bob
            Bob Wright

            Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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              If I had my southbend running I might give it a shot, especially since it's not completely broken off yet.

              This discontinued parts issue has been a problem lately. Recently had a ridgid compressor start eating it's piston and cylinder....discontinued and unavailable, not even on eBay. I look every now and then still.


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                Put in some glue, hammer it down, and send it up. I'll put it in the lathe and give it a shot. But it would save a bundle on shipping if you could find someone with a lathe close by. I assume there is even already a center-drilled hole in each end of the shaft. Shouldn't be hard.

                Parts are a HUGE problem. I cannot believe how often we had to do a complete redesign or subsystem replacement before I retired...seems like everything was made of the proverbial unobtanium. There are guys in the electronics components industry making a good buck buying up and reselling obsolete parts. I've seen ten cent transistors selling for $20-30 each. But it's still way cheaper than redesigning a whole subsystem. The reason I love my old transformer welders!


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                  What’s that off of ? There’s a guy down here in Texas that’s got a lot of parts machines.


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                    Dewalt dw708 type 3 sliding compound miter saw.

                    I might beat on it and see what happens. I might send it out for repair. We'll see. Thanks for the offer, Wayne. I'll let you know. There are a couple of guys nearby with some serious home machine shops...they both have some big lathes and a couple of Bridgeports....makes me jealous.


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                      I should've fixed it myself...I should've taken you up on your offer, Wayne...but alas, I'm an effort to not bother anyone and since I don't have time to fix it myself, I sent it off to California for repair.

                      First thing that happened, somehow, some way, sometime....while in transit, allegedly, the plastic fan was damaged....that's a problem. At first the repair shop said they could find something that'll work. Then they called and said they couldn't fix it. After a discussion about how I didn't buy the improbability of no other plastic fan on planet earth fitting that shaft, they agreed to try and find something that would work. Well, it fit the shaft...after die grinding the inside of the motor housing, it fits there now too.

                      Oh, I almost forgot, after it was fixed and while in transit back, I get an email from UPS telling me that my package will be delayed because the train it was on has derailed. Super.

                      Anyway, I get the housing modified to fit the new, larger fan, get it all back together....and she chooches!

                      ....except now it runs backwards. As Homer says, "Doh!".....

                      So let me ask you smart guys that know metric tons more than me....can an armature be wound (or wired, whatever) backwards?

                      I took the field out, turned it 180 degrees, same deal. It cannot be flipped. I'm positive the wires are in the right place. On that harness, they just fit where they're supposed to be.

                      All the rest of the wiring on the saw has not been worked on. As the armature has been "rebuilt" because it's no longer available, the field is. It's $75. But my guess is that it would not matter as the only thing that has been changed is the armature.

                      Suggestions and/or ideas?


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                        Welcome to my world.

                        Easiest solution to your problem of the day is to swap the wires going to the brush holders.

                        I have no idea how the motor mechanic did it, but he switched coil polarity doing the job.

                        That armature was way overheated when the bar came out and impacted another part. It's in the nature of chop saws to self destruct, Cary probably came up with the closest to a fix years back when he invented his chop saw station in an old basement oil tank. His snorkel dryer vent hose feeds clean air to the motor for ventilation, and that alone increases brush life along with commutator life.
                        Pretty sure there is a pic of it in his shop on here.


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                          The brush holders plug directly into the field on that end.

                          I may consider taking the die grinder and eliminating the little plastic bits that keep a guy from flipping the whole field end over end. I just wonder if I did that if the armature would be centered in the field. Cosmetically, both ends of the field are identical.

                          I've considered trying to swap the wires, but that'll require a good bit of rewiring and there isn't much room in there as it is.

                          I busted one of the field wires yesterday when I was taking it in and out. I repaired it already. Which gives me another idea...instead of redoing the wiring on the harness, maybe I'll just switch the winding wire positions, which will also require some snipping and splicing. Only thing keeping me from that is not knowing if it'll burn it up if I screw it up.

                          I'll try and take a few pictures tomorrow.


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                            Ryan, Make & Model of the tool and I might be able to find the exploded drawings.

                            I know exactly what the motor mechanic accomplished, and a fair idea how he accomplished it.

                            If it's a series motor you have exactly 2 solutions. You either reverse current flow through the rotor or the field.

                            Pretty much pick the one that's easiest to connect and happy wiring.


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                              Dewalt DW 708 type 3. Here's a link to the wiring diagram, which may as well be in Swahili if I'm trying to decipher it....


                              I'm fairly competent with stuff, just wanted another set of eyes on it before I went to switching wires around inside.

                              I talked to the armature repair place on the phone, their solution was for me to disassemble the field with its housing and wiring harness and send it back to them with their repaired armature. Goodness, that'll take all day to reach that solution and cost a small fortune to ship it. Then I'd have to go through that mess again to put it back together...oh ya, and pay them again to rewind it all so it matches.

                              It would appear that their fixer person just made a simple mistake and went left instead of right. Otherwise, they did a nice job of reminding this thing and repairing the commutator.

                              I'm rat killin at the moment, I'll take some "Polaroids" when I get back to the shop in bit.