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Miller Sych 250 no weld power?

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  • Miller Sych 250 no weld power?

    I'm usually self sufficient however, not this time. Just bought Synchrowave 250, knowing it was inoperable. It diagnosed for the previous owner by Airgas. They indicated that the hall devise was defective and those chose to replace the machine. I had the device rebuilt by Nyco Systems and installed it. It appears that I get a HF start however, no weld current. The DC meter pegs out when the unit is turned on. Any help is most appreciated.

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    Normally when a hall device is defective the machine goes to full out put. Your meter pegs sounds like you have OCV. Go to stick. High freq off and out put contactor in on position. Can you stick with it? If no you have no OCV. Unplug the Hall device. Does it arc? No. Then your problem at this moment is not the hall device. Not to bash an Airgas service center but I'm almost positive PC1 is obsolete and my suspicion is that is why the customer chose to replace this machine. But lets see if we can get it to breath again. Where are you located?


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      Thank you for the response. I will try the test scenarios in the morning. I am in Poteau, OK


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        Don't you guys just hate it when someone asks for help and then doesn't perform the test that the group says to? I have finally gotten to it. In stick mode there is no weld power. The AC/DC AMP meter pegs to full when the welder is turned on irrelevant to which mode it is set to. Second, when the hall device is unplugged it does have weld power.
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