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Need some S-52A wire feeder help

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  • Need some S-52A wire feeder help

    Hi Guys,

    I picked up an S-52A S#JJ329462 Wire Feeder and want to do some testing on it before I get too far into it. I do have a wiring diagram but it is not the best. It did not come with a gun.

    1. will all guns with a Miller end fit (pointed end?, .677 ID)?
    2. the trigger connector has 3 wires (small relay, big relay and jog switch). What do I jump to start the feed motor? Why three wires?
    3. the power connector has 4 wires (power switch (hot?), ground, terminal E, terminal F) How do I wire it up? Why 4 wires?

    Must have been a sale on black wires as that is all they used....eeekkk


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    Yes the standard Miller back end guns will fit. Like the Miller M-25. Here is your manual. This is the last manual there are some older ones there if you need it...Bob
    Bob Wright