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Syncrowave 350 won't stick weld

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  • Syncrowave 350 won't stick weld

    I have a syncrowave 350 (older model) and the only way I can stick weld is with the foot pedal. I also have a 350LX but they seem worlds apart. I tried to look in the manual but haven't been able to find a solution I'm hoping its just user error. I tried turning amperage up to 100 percent and still not even a spark when trying to strike an arc. If i switch amperage to remote and press the pedal it will weld yig and stick, Please help.

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      Unplug the foot pedal and try it. I've never used your machine, but one of my machines will only stick weld with the foot pedal when it's plugged in. Unplug it and she chooches fine.


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        Been quite some time since I welded with this machine, shouldn't the output contactor be on?

        Also the polarity selector seems just a bit "off" perhaps you should reseat it.
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          I had PC board rebuilt. Now it will stick weld only with pedal if I set contactor and amperage to remote but with or without pedal connected I can't strike an arc (both switches are set to panel)


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            On my newer Syncrowave 250, you have to set contactor output to ON to stick weld, assuming you don't want to use the pedal.

            In other words, the second switch from the left at the top in your photo should be UP. You should then have ~ 78-90V OCV between stinger and work clamp.
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