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Spoolmate 100, lots of soot

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  • Spoolmate 100, lots of soot

    Bought a 211 A few years ago with spoolmate
    100. Did the tip modification. All was well
    didn't use it much but noticed it seemed to have more soot as it got older and used more? Not sure why but doesn’t seem that front nossel fits very tight?
    I traded that machine off a few months ago but thinking About buying another. Questions is the 150 or 200 spool gun a better choice? I have a 30a but don’t think I can make it work. Thanks

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    I remember seeing a video on YouTube where a similar situation was occurring with a spool gun. Turns out since there were multiple parts thread together, there was a leak causing problems. The gun was disassembled, and I seem to recall some teflon tape was added to the threaded parts even though they were not pipe-threads. It minimized the soot'ing that was occuring to almost nothing.
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      The spoolmate 100 doesn't have threaded parts. The hose goes in a barb right into the side of the barrel. Gun angle has so much to do with soot as well as the type of wire and parts welded. Too much gun angle and the air will suck in from the back. 15 degrees is textbook perfect, but not always can be used do to fitment of parts. ..Bob
      Bob Wright


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        the 150 is the same construction as the 100...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Bob Wright