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  • Spectrum 675 plasma

    Hey guys, I'm contemplating saving up my pennies for a Spectrum 675 plasma cutter sometime this year. I know Hypertherm is the favorite, but I don't like that the torch and/or ground clamp are built into the others, and I really want multi-voltage setup. However I notice a large number of negative reviews about the XT-40 torch, which gives me pause. I also know that the torch makes the plasma cutter and that Miller is primarily a power supply company and not a plasma torch company, which also gives me pause. Anyone have any experience to share with the Miller plasmas?


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    Well whatever you get, I highly discourage disabling the safety switch on the torch handle.


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      The 675 Xtreme is quite pricey in it's market segment. It is quite small though, looking at similar competing units. In the same price class is the Hypertherm 45XP, the HTP Microcut 40/55, Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 58/60i. If I hadn't gotten hung up on looks (to match my machines, lol), I would have bought aTD Cutmaster 60i, or maybe even an 82.
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        I bought a Miller Spectrum 875 in 2010 and it has worked well. The only issue i have is the torch cable is very stiff, like a cheap water hose.
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          The Powermax 45 is several hundred dollars more as I recall. Also, most of the bad press I've seen on the Miller centers around issues with the 625 main control board and issues with the xt-40 torch.