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Bobcat 225 not charging

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  • Bobcat 225 not charging

    I’m working on a bobcat 225 with a Onan engine that is not charging. Machine will only run with battery charger hooked up. Checked stator wires while running at high idle and one wire is putting out 47v and the other 15v while connected to regulator. Disconnected from regulator both stator wires put out 15v. Have checked stator wires to ground and found no short. Could I still have a bad stator or is just the regulator?

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    Engine stator should be putting out approximately 47VAC between both stator output leads @ 3600rpm (high idle) and approximately 24VAC at 1800rpm disconnected from the regulator.

    Resistance across both stator output leads disconnected from regulator should be .06 to .10 ohms.

    The regulator B+ MUST be connected to the battery (+) and regulator body grounded or the regulator won't turn on. A severely discharged battery can also keep the regulator from turning on.

    If functioning properly, regulator output at B+ terminal or at battery (+) should be 13.6-14.7VDC.

    If stator output and resistance is within specification and battery state is good but regulator output is below specification, the regulator is likely defective.
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      Thanks for the help. I will put a good hot battery on it and re check stator and regulator