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    I had, and it seems the pot is functioning correctly. Presently it's going back together. With the assumption ( not that I know anything much about this stuff?) was that low voltage couldn't over come resistance to power the motor, I disassembled the unit to free it up with a good cleaning and relubrication. If that doesn't do it, well, out comes the board and I'll be replacing a power transistor?
    Connected to 12 volts the motor spins like a blender. Connected and checked in the welder we should know soon enough?
    Thanks for the advice, I'll up date soon the results.

    EDIT: It works. Low wire speed and I can't stop it from turning with my fingers. I don't expect drive roll pressure will change that? But No board parts were changed. The grease was GM chassis, and although I haven't ran wire, I'm going to say, problem solved.

    Not that it accounts for much in diagnosing this problem, but when the power windows in my old Van weren't going up or down very quickly, I was the guy who took apart and greased them to work again? Who knows, it could be something to consider?

    MasterKwan, thanks for stepping in with your suggestion, it's appreciated.
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      You know, as a old army tech and programmer, I've found sometimes things just want to come apart and be put back together. Then they start working. Usually it's a sign of something intermittent like maybe a broken wire under the insulation. If it happens again, I'd go first to measuring voltage at the motor and the 24v ac input. For most electronics, power in is the first thing that needs checking.


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        The plan was to check before putting the cover back on, really, but I didn't... So much for that good intention?

        When I took welding In high school I had a buddy who took auto mechanics. He used to say he'd never be out of work because nothing lasts for ever, and even if designed to last forever, people will fail to maintain the condition for it to do so.

        I'm sure a new doodad may have bumped upped a signal, like a new cam shaft in a car, but If the wheel bearing are dry seized from lack of grease, you ain't going places unless you really rev'er up good?

        Food for thought? From reading numerous posts, the talk of a cause is plugged or kinked cable? Hmm? Is it really?