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Difference between push pull guns

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  • Difference between push pull guns

    Does anyone know if a miller push pull gun can be used on a lincoln or vise versa. Is the difference just in the amphenol style connector, and can that be changed to suite the powersource / feeder?

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    Lincoln power wave 455m/stt with 10m dual feeder

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    I can tell you for sure that the power pins are different between a Lincoln and Miller. Most guns can be adapted from one to the other, although sometimes it can be kind of a bugger to find the right parts if you’re not patient enough to look it up yourself or don’t have a very helpful lws. God forbid you ask somebody from Airgas to get you a miler power pin to put on a mag pro gun (personal experience)
    As for the multi pin I doubt they’re the same, but I have to imagine you could change it over if there isn’t an adapter pigtail already available.
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