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Spool gun vs suitcase

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  • Spool gun vs suitcase

    I've read some previous posts, I have a millermatic 180 I can run off my bobcat if need be, I'd rather leave that in the shop.

    What are the pros and con's for a spool gun/ suitcase mig?

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    Bigger spool in a suitcase, normal welding mig gun with it too.

    Spool gun makes aluminum easy and it's probably cheaper.

    That's right off the cuff this research required there.


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      If you are going to do mostly steel then the suitcase is the way to go. Bigger spools of wire equals cheaper cost to purchase. The ability to run larger diameter wire is a major plus when working anywhere.
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        Be more specific.
        Do you want a spoolgun and a suitcase or either/or?
        To run a spoolgun off of a Bobcat (at least the 30-A) you will need a WC-115A with the contactor installed. Not cheap but could make you a lot of money welding aluminum.
        The suitcase is also a professional piece of welding equipment and could stand up to heavy abuse and usage on steel.
        I say get a new 210 Dynasty and run it off your Bobcat and become a mobile tig welding guru.
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          I like the suitecase for wire welding off the bobcat. It’s the way to go. I don’t do much if any aluminum.
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            I honestly wouldn't get involved with aluminum right now, it sounds like the suitcase is the way I'll go. I was looking for other options instead of lugging my millermatic 180 around.


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              If you go the suitcase route (I would recommend it if you think you’ll use if on any regular basis) just make sure you get your hands on a voltage sensing unit and not one that has a remote cable. Your bobcat doesn’t have a 14 pin and if I’m correct will not work with a remote feeder
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                I've seen a couple LN-25's locally for sale. Thoughts on those?


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                  The LN-25 is an excellent suitecase feeder. It is a voltage sensing unit just like millers 12vs model.
                  Either the LN-25 or the suitecase extreme 12vs would be great machines.
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