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Lower AC Tig Amperage Rating for Older Sine Wave Welders

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  • Lower AC Tig Amperage Rating for Older Sine Wave Welders

    Does anyone know the reason for the lower AC Tig output amperage ratings on the older welders like the Dialarc. If have the Econ Twin HF that has 50% Duty Cycle at 150 amps for AC stick (can go to 225 amp lower DC) and DC stick or tig. I checked the Dialarc HF manuals, which also have much lower output ratings for AC Tig.

    Thank you,

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    Would you believe...Arc rectification?



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      Works for me... So basically it blocks some of the DCEP portions of the AC cycle and creates a DC bias in the transformer that causes it to saturate and overheat at lower power output?


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        See... now your smarter then me? I couldn't have said that so clearly.
        Yes...just like that.
        I was just about to shelve that little bit of knowledge into brain cells I could afford to loose and then it comes in handy? What the heck?

        Now if no one comes along to correct me, us...
        Ever notice the balled end of the tungsten start to wobble? Stuff they didn't teach in school I tell ya? But yea, my guess and I'm sticking to it. Final answer. That by the way was a pop culture reference.


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          I have a Hillbilly redneck layman's way of explaining it.
          Just listen to it. On the smaller "buzz" box style machines, when you switch over to AC and weld. What a difference in sound!
          It is working way harder. You can hear an AC arc for fifty yards, no matter what the power source. You can't hardly hear a DC arc from a tig when practically standing right beside it.
          Simply put a freek box on an old tombstone welder and listen to it complain!!
          So with all that considered there will always be less duty cycle on AC because you simply cannot overcome the heavy labor involved that AC throws into the mix. If you plan on running AC tig then a guy needs to have twice the capability on hand than what he normally uses.
          Make sense?

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            That makes sense. Thank you!


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              DC Component...another term that rarely gets called into conversation. I try hard to bring it up in conversation but it's a hard topic to bring in?


              They say there's an explanation for everything? Blows a guys mind to have this rolling around in his head let me tell you.


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                Only way I can is maybe with a joke? Everyone is a bit biased.


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