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    Was wondering which union is better to get into pipe fitters or boilermakers. I graduated tech school for a combination welder, stick ,mig ,tig in all positions and pipe. Also graduated with honors. I liked pipe welding the best and I finished school a few weeks early so I got to go back and practice some more on pipe. I was late last year getting an application in the pipefitters but was told to call back in April and i could get on then may do that but was wondering about to boilermakers because I think I’d like doing a little of everything. just looking for opinions on both

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    Congrats on graduating with honors, wish you the best.

    Sorry, I can't help with the union part


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      I can help with this. Ive worked for piledrivers, pipefitters and permit for boilermakers and also non union. Currently a member of the pipefitters. In my opinion a lot of pipefitters have the view that a welder is just a tool in there bag as they like to say. I certainly feel there is a general lack of respect for welders and yet they still want you to help with bolt up when theres no welding to be done. I can fit pipe better then 95% of fitters and yet still get the same pay. All the while fitters can constantly screw up but if God forbid you fail an x-ray your down the road. None if its fair in my opinion but what can you do. Boilermakers I feel have more respect for their welders. Its probably the closest thing you will find to a welders union. They also seem to always have work and are a much stronger union. So why dont I work for the Boilermakers? Lots of nasty dirty work and I hate being inside a boiler or any other vessel. You cant pay me enough for the **** that they have to do. I worked at a shop for 5 months welding return bends on steam generators. Its the hardest welding I ever had to do and you were constantly pushed for production. The guys pushing a mig gun welding up thr frames and such only made a few bucks an hour less and were much better off. Pipefitters work is generally cleaner. No crawling around inside some dark caustraphobic vessel.

      Maybe try and get on a few permit jobs and see which one you prefer for yourself.

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