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  • Miller Multimatic 215

    After almost 70 years of saying “someday I’m going to learn to weld”. I don’t know that I’ve really learned to weld, but occasionally I can join two pieces of metal to magically make one.
    My question is: if I use the TIG attachments and straight Argon, will I get satisfactory results with aluminum using my Miller 215? (My standards are currently not very high). I also have the Spoolmate 150, but have only marginal results with it.
    Thank you.

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    Nope. That's a DC only machine.


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      Thanks for your reply. I’m now wondering if I may have bought the Spoolmate 150 thinking I could use the equipment I have for aluminum. Does the combination of the Spoolmate and the 215 work for aluminum? I’m currently reading all the owner manuals I have to see if this addressed or if it’s one of those things you automatically know if you’re a welder.


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        Originally posted by Donald714 View Post
        Does the combination of the Spoolmate and the 215 work for aluminum? .
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        Spoolmate 150 Series
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        Bob Wright

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          I heard a rumor that you can TIG weld aluminium with pure helium shielding gas. However, I also heard a rumor that it doesn't work very well. Besides helium probably gets pricey, so maybe spend that money on one of the cool new multimatic 220 machines instead.