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  • Miller 250 Syncrowave

    My older (late 1993 serial number KD501478) Miller 250 Syncrowave worked great. It uses Miller's coolant and coolant tower. It actually is kind of famous as, years ago, it came from Rousch Racing. I have both 14 pin Miller foot and torch handle controls . Problem is I have lost hi-freq, gas flow and even scratch start, when I set up for TIG welding. My torch handle controller wheel clicks off/on and makes contact between the A and B terminals of its 14 pin cable. The C, D, and E terminals show ohms, ground and sliding voltage as you spin the hand control.

    My unit does not have an upper or lower front panel "reset button."

    I have to remove the side panels, and top sheet metal, to see about the two fuses and maybe find a "misplace reset button"

    Question: I have the super good Miller TM 353E Technical Manual from Miller's download page, and I have the Owner's manual applicable to my serial number. The TM-353E Technical Manual has great Oscilloscope pictures of waves forms, with frequency and voltages one uses to set the O'scope BUT the info is for several models later than my 1993 unit. I do have the correct circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams for my serial number, but they are size tinny winny when trying to read..

    Any body out there collect an earlier version of Miller's Technical Manual with their published O'scope illustrations (think of the old Sam's Photo Facts publications) for my KD502478 serial number Syncrowave?.

    My unit is not a 250 Syncrowave DX.

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