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  • Bernard or Miller MIG gun

    Aloha welders,
    Just received the Multimatic 220, retiring the 200, that little warrior made us very proud since 2013. I have the Bernard torch, the new miller has a miller mig gun, when the feed end it different the Bernard is a cone, miller, you have the end of the liner there, I want to sell the multimatic 200, and unload it with the miller torch, keep the Bernard. the difference in where they both meet at the feed roller is, the miller is further from the roller, the Bernard is almost sitting on it. When first setting up, I is a feeler gauge to keep the cone about .010" from the roller. Curious if I should keep the Bernard, installs closer, maybe lest likely to bird nets, or use the miller, cause, well it came with the unit. The other reason, well, I have a lot of consumables with the Bernard, and we have a friendly relationship.


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    Welcome. Sell which ever one you don't like as well. I love my Miller guns, for some jobs the Bernard is better...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Cant speak to the 220, but I had a 211 with the Bernard gun. As you stated, the Bernard has a cone, which rubbed slightly on the 211 roller. I just hand filed it back a little bit... never had a problem. Sold the 211 and now use the same gun in a 252 with no problems


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        You will want your 200 back. I promise
        Dynasty 400 wireless
        Coolmate 3.5
        Sw320 speedway
        Ck flex lock 230
        4 victor flow meters
        2 Flametech Duel flowmeters
        2 genuine miller torch buttons
        A$$ loads of tungsten
        XMT 350 CC/CV
        S74DX feeder
        Stick leads from here to China
        A30 Spool gun
        Langmuir crossfire hobby table
        Everlast powerplasma 100 w hypertherm torch
        Harris O/A
        Pet raccoon
        I'm just a peckerwood in the boonies with fancy welding equipment


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          Wait... isn't the 220 pretty much a 200 with extra ac/dc tig and stick stuff added on and a glitzier interface?