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testing a plasma cutter without torch

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  • testing a plasma cutter without torch

    hello all
    i have a spectrum 1000 which i got from a factory with no histry about it the machine has no torch and it powers with lights on and fan work when switching off i dont want to buy a torch before making sure its not useless machine so is there a way to test that thing dealer told me to buy 800 dolar torch and test it but im not interested in paying this much of money in this old machine i want to add a plasma cutter to my home workshop. i got this machine for 100 dolars and im having fun learning how this machine work
    for now im happy with my multimatic 215 and transformer cea acdc 260 tig its heavy and big but i trust that fat machine

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    Not really. That's an old machine and I doubt a repair shop would have an old torch for that laying around. I guess you could test all the power supplies and hope for the best. Ever plasma that comes in must have a torch for me to test it properly.


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      Thanks for the replay
      i want to test the igbt 's but i know that i can damage them. can igbt be tested with multimeter without removing them from the board and can transformers be tested as well wile they are conected. im planing to test the machine with a chinese torch wiring looks easy can 6 12awg dc 600v wires be used to power the torch electrod and a single same wire for pilot. last question dose the machine drain its capasitors within time period or do i have to drain them and if so how is it done im the last person who will even look at 1000v charged capasitors



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        Contact George Swire.


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          To test IGBT's fully you need a tester, there are a few that you can purchase, one actually directly from miller

          miller IGBT tester:

          These are not cheap and are normally bought by shops whom plan to use them on many machines not one, it's not cost effective to use it for just one unit. From experience I can tell you that the spectrum 1000's do not have much in the parts availability category, I had a customer invest over 1,000$ before only to find that the next component in line was not available, and all the effort and money was invested into a unit headed for the garbage. Personally, If I am being brutally honest: If I were in your shoes, I would not even bother with that unit. I know how much these things can cost, so I understand where you are coming from... but if you end up in the same boat as one of my customers you could have spent this time and money investing in a product that is still supported fully with parts availability. It's a risk to continue investing in this unit is what I am trying to say, it is fully up to you to take that risk, but I would not.

          As far as the internal capacitors go you would probably need to test them with a multi-meter to be 100% sure, they should have a resistor across them to bleed off voltage but you never know for sure unless you get a meter on it.

          P.S. plasma torch's are very expensive on almost all brands, they are very proud of their product.