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2004 Syncrowave 350 LX - machine won't turn on.

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  • 2004 Syncrowave 350 LX - machine won't turn on.

    2004 Miller Syncrowave 350LX serial #LE164397 Powered on single phase 230v.
    Machine will run on 230/460/575

    This is the discoveries I've made in the order that I made them:
    1. Fabricator says the welder stopped working. No lights on the front of the machine.
    2. When it failed, there was a little smoke and some stink. (reportedly)
    3. I pulled off all the panels and blew all the dust out.
    4. Tested that the plug was getting power and the On/Off contactor inside delivering power to the machine. OK
    5. First clue: Power goes from the main ON/OFF switch straight to the coils. When I was testing the ON/OFF contactor, I noticed that there was continuity coming from the coils. As if there was a short in the coils. (but I'm not jumping to conclusions).
    6. Inspected the whole machine looking for something burnt, cooked, cracked, etc. Nothing.
    7. Rotated the AC/DC+/DC- handle looking for problems, tried power in each position. Nothing.
    8. Wiggled all wire connections hoping that some little connector has corrosion and wasn't getting signal through.
    9. 2nd Clue: My testing area has a 50 amp circuit. Breaker will blow on the 3-5th attempt to power unit on. Slight hum when powered on.
    10. Removed main circuit board and inspected for burnt, cooked, cracked components or trace lines. All looks good.

    This is about when my expertise runs out. I highly doubt the massive coils in this machine shorted out. My theory is that because the control board is not getting power that it's stuck in a high amp setting, that's why it's pulling so much power. Or some other component that regulates power to the coils is toast.

    My next step would be to disconnect each individual part and bench test them to see if I could find something despite it looking normal.

    I'm hoping someone smarter than me could suggest which components to test first that would most likely be the problem.

    Thanks in advance,
    Kevin in Portland, OR

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    Hello there fellow Portlander! I work here locally btw so if you ever need hands on help feel free to convince your management to do hardgoods and gas business with us (industrial source) and then I would be able to fix your equipment, on-site or in house. Now... now to the meat of the subject. Let me send you a nice schematic with some tests that I would have you do, this will tell us techs a lot, and quite possible solve your issue in the process. Hope this helps!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	input stnc350.png
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    Here is step 2:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sync 350 input power revised.png
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      We're always looking for better, faster, cheaper gas and consumables.

      Contactor is working. Both the power feed to the machine and the solenoid or whatever it is that operates the disconnect.
      115vAC is being created. This actually has a cooler under the welder and it runs when the power is on.

      Thank you so much for helping!


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        Hey Kevin,

        Okay, so just to verify, when the unit's power switch is on, contactor pulls in, 115VAC is on that duplex receptacle, but the digital display is not illuminated, and triggering the unit has no effect? (as in no output, gas flow or High frequency) Is all of that correct?

        I just want to make sure of this before proceeding with the next steps.

        P.S. We are competitive so feel free to send over some contact information and I can have a Salesman come out and do some quoting My email:



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          1. power on.
          2. contactor engaged.
          3. 115v power good.
          4. display dead.
          5. pedal does nothing. No gas flow, no HF, no arc.


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            Okay, well at this point I would be looking at the Power supplies for the board and so on, and to verify that on the other side of the contactor, once it is closed, that you get full line voltage passing through it. Let me get you a diagram for the power supply checks, this will be a multipart picture because of how they have them in the manuals. Basically this would be determining if the board itself is getting the supplies it needs to run on.

            I would be looking to see if V5, V6, V8 are what they should be.

            V5=19vac Take @ the connector on the board @ RC6-11 to RC6-8
            V6=19vac Take @ the connector on the board @ RC 6-8 to RC6-10
            V8=53vac Take @ the # 42 on SR2 to #41@F1


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              V5 = 19.1v
              V6 = 19.1v
              V8 = 61.1v

              BTW your photos didn't show in the post for me, but I have a copy of the technical manual for a reference.

              After I confirmed these voltages I took another closer look at the main circuit board and found a tiny burnt trace.


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                If we determine this is a faulty board, is there any harm in me soldering in a jumper over this burnt trace?
                Pin #11 on the connector with 24 pins.


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                  Oh they didn't? Well I will have to sort that out, thanks. Anyways so it looks like that you had a trace from RC6-11 burn up, which is part of the power supply circuit for that board, which would definitely cause this type of issue if one of the 19VAC supplies is no longer getting to the rest of the board because of that internal break. My take on attempting to solder in a jumper well, is this:

                  An over-current situation likely caused that trace to open, likely this is due to a component on the board that is drawing more amperage than it should, soldering on a jumper would allow for even more amperage to get to the rest of this circuit that is having an over current situation, and likely the next leg of the trace will open, or the actual failed component will cook.

                  However, the board is not working at the moment so it seems, and well, whilst you can do MORE damage to that circuit on the board, you cannot really break it past where it is currently at, which is not working. I will say that likely you will be buying a new board, or sending that one out for aftermarket repair (innovat comes to mind, but you have to check their listing for miller board #'s they will repair, you have to use the part # that is on the board you have when checking btw).

                  The board number is 196254, however, they are no longer available from miller. Fear not though, there is an alternative for you:



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                    I think this now calls for a celebratory Wolverine picture....

                    Like myself....

                    *THIS GUY* Is ready to put his feet up and call it a week

                    Click image for larger version

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                    P.S. I added two pictures that are the same in case Jogger could not see one again.


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                      Wolverines never rest....


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                        I'm preparing the board to send it to Innovat. Thanks for the help with diagnosis.



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                          Don't worry yourself Ryan, I stayed attentive... just rested the pads for a while. Glad to hear it, hope that does the trick Kevin!

                          I left my email address up yander ^^ If you ever want a competitive quote on gasses or hardgoods, some tech support etc, feel free to send an email!

                          - Logan (A.K.A. Wolverine)


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                            Originally posted by LoganpClayton View Post
                            Don't worry yourself Ryan, I stayed attentive... just rested the pads for a while. Glad to hear it, hope that does the trick Kevin!

                            I left my email address up yander ^^ If you ever want a competitive quote on gasses or hardgoods, some tech support etc, feel free to send an email!

                            - Logan (A.K.A. Wolverine)
                            How's your % of success with Innovat? I used them years ago and switched. Just wondering how they've been since. How long have you a tech?
                            Not easy to find techs in this business.


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                              I have been using Innovat when needed for the last 4-5 years, never had an issue as of yet with them but I have probably sent them 10 or so boards over the years. So far so good I suppose! I have been a tech since Jan 28th 2014, not too long in the scope of things but I was lucky enough to have a 25+ year tech train me/ there to absorb what he has learned over the years. Yourself?