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Powering XMT or similar off trail blazer 302 airpak

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  • Powering XMT or similar off trail blazer 302 airpak

    I’m curious how many of you guys have tried doing this, and if so what the results are. I’ve got a trailblazer 302 airpak that advertises 13,000watts max generating power. This may be a bit far fetched but have any of you ever got a hold of an inverter style machine capable of putting out 400amps and ran it off the trail blazer? To some it up I was thinking of renting a inverter, plugging it into my machine and trying to gouge with said rental unit running off my airpak to get a few more amps and beat the rental instead of my own.

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    Your trailblazer 302 provides 11000 watts of continuous gen power. 13000 watts is only the peak power rating.
    This power comes out of a 50 amp plug which im guessing is actually around 42-45 amps of 230v power.
    To get the max amperage of 425 amps from a xmt350, it needs 55 amps of 230v power continuously. Your trailblazer 302 won't do that. It's close, but it won't provide enough power to get 425 amps out of the xmt 350.
    Your trailblazer 302 is rated at 100% duty cycle @ 280 amps of weld power. That's plenty of power to run a 1/4" carbon for arc air purpose. With 100% duty cycle rating, I wouldn't worry about hurting it but that's my opinion.
    It's good to load these engine drive units up once and a while. Your air pack was designed for this.
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      Thanks for the reply I’ve run 5/16 carbons and it did it fairly well really. This is just something I’ve been pondering for a while, figured there must be a reason why I’ve never heard of anyone doing it, I just wasn’t too sure why. Appreciate it thanks.


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        I have ran my 350P off of my 225 NT Bobcat to weld a heavy aluminum trailer out on a job. It handled it ok. That was using a spoolgun to top it off.
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          A three phase bobcat would power inverters well in this type of situation.