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Help with wire feed on S22-A

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  • Help with wire feed on S22-A

    I had an issue with my wire feeder a few weeks ago. I went to use it and when I pulled the trigger nothing happened then I saw a little bit of smoke coming out of the feeder. I blew a transistor. No big deal, ordered a new one, put it in and hooked the board back up and was up and running.

    Well I changed rolls of wire, still same brand and size.
    I was feeding it through, going slow, so I let go of the trigger and maxed the speed out, pulled the trigger again and away it went. I knew I was getting close to the end of the gun so I released the trigger and slowed the wire speed down and pressed the trigger again and nothing happened.

    Motor wont turn at all. The gas solinoid clicks but nothing on the motor.
    I completely removed the drive wheel, still nothing. I unhooked the motor and tested it with a 12v battery, I works.
    I tested the input for the motor wires. I get 30.5v when the trigger is pressed (without the motor hooked up).
    hook the motor up and no volts, unhook the motor and 30.5v.

    Not sure where to look now, was feeding wire just fine and now nothing.

    I have a miller shopmaster 300 with the s22-a wire feeder.
    serial number is: kc208731

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    That 30.5v you are reading is a ghost voltage. It's there but not finding the ground or common in the board. So you can check for blown components on the board or install a new one.


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      I did some testing and found a shorted diode. I will swap it out and see what happens