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Having Issues with Finger Tip Amp Control

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  • Having Issues with Finger Tip Amp Control

    We have been going thru Miller TIG finger tip amp controls like crazy..........(speratically lose the ability to increase/decrease amperage, also issues with initiating arc starts)

    Testing both the on/off switch, as well as the potentiometer usually shows no problems, but after returning to service the issue continues. I suspect it is likely a break in the wiring near where the wire enters the amp control housing (from the constant bending of the wire at this point), but can't seem to confirm this while testing.

    Anyone else having issues with their Miller finger tip amp controls?

    Anyone using another style/brand of control that is more "industrial duty"?

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    Yes I have had a lot of issues in the past with the cord on my east-west style controllers.
    The newer ones they sell now have a different, more flexible wile and the seem to last much longer.
    You do have to buy the entire kit to get it unless they made it available separate recently. The new ones are black and the old ones are grey.
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