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Dynasty 210 remote pedal setup

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  • Dynasty 210 remote pedal setup

    Hello, I have a Dynasty 210 standard, not the DX model. I am setting up a Miller cordless footpedal for it. In the menu there is a setting for RMT STD which I assume is the one I need. There is also a RMT HOLD setting ...this is not mentioned in the user manual. What is it for?

    also when setting up the footpedal, and amps are set at 150, does this give you 150 with the footpedal fully depressed and as you ease off on the footpedal the amps decrease?

    Thank you
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    I'm going to guess the RMT HOLD on the 210 is called RMT 2T HOLD on my Dynasty 200. Not sure if it's really the same but that would be my guess. I've pasted the two pages from the D-200 manual that discuss it below. If you are simply in REMOTE (RMT STD), the foot pedal controls current from minimum up to whatever value you've selected on the panel, so your guess there is correct. In RMT 2T HOLD, you have to have the sequencer programmed (I think)--look at the graph in the second picture. I have never used it, and it seems to be most applicable to having a button on the torch rather than using a foot pedal. The pedal has both a switch, which is turned on as soon as you move the pedal (and stays on), and doesn't turn off until you put the pedal back to "zero", and a variable resistor to control current. So, I'm not sure how it works with a pedal since it refers to press and release. Must be someone here who has used it.

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      I saw the RMT 2T HOLD in the user manual, for the DX version, but on mine it just says RMT HOLD. Anyway, doesn’t sound like something I’m going to use any time soon. Thanks for answering my questions!


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        That makes sense. The SD version doesn't have a sequencer, so it doesn't seem it would be much use, if I understand it correctly.