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Tig welding aircraft aluminum

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  • Tig welding aircraft aluminum

    Good day, I'm wondering if 4043 would be an appropriate filler for aircraft aluminum. Any advice is appreciated. THANKS.

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    Looks like you've been a member for quite a while but this is your first post? Welcome!

    What grade of aircraft aluminum? Assume you're not going to be trying to weld 2024-T3, which is commonly called aircraft grade, but is not generally considered weldable due to cracking. Are you using 6061-T6, or something else? There are FAR more competent and knowledgeable aluminum welders here than me (I'm just barely worthy of the term 'incompetent') but they will need to know what kind of aluminum you want to weld in order to give you a good answer.


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      6061 T-6 is one of the aircraft aluminum's is that what you are referring to?

      I've welded quite a bit of 6061 T-6
      if there's a welder, there's a way


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        When it comes to aluminum aircraft structures most use 7075 and in that use 7075 is not recommended to be welded due to micro stress cracking.....................Not to say 70 series aluminum can't be welded but only in non stress environments.