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250x burn back problem

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  • 250x burn back problem

    Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’ve searched and found a lot of useful information about my problem but I need some additional details before make this modification. I’ve got a 250x and it’s burning back and fusing to the tip. From what I’ve read there is a diode that I need to clip to disable the hot start. The welder runs great on 1/8” on up but 22 gauge in having the issue. The board number is a 196456. I messaged Kevin hoping I hear back from him. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    What gas and wire you running?...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      75/25. Welds great info can keep it from burning back


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        On that particular unit clipping D-1 off the main control board will disable the hot start circuit. This may address the burn back issues you are having. You will also want to check the feed-ability of the wire, a feeding issue could also cause burn back issues.

        Kevin Schuh
        Service Technician
        Miller Electric Mfg. Co.