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Trailblazer 302 battery jump problems

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  • Trailblazer 302 battery jump problems

    Can u point me to the threads that are about the repair of damaged boards in the trailblazer 302 I have. Its about 10 yrs old. I didnt know better and when the bat died i used a charger on it. It slowly lost welding power,and wouldn't charge. I didnt have money to fix it till now. I was told it will need a main board and rectifier minimum. I know there is
    a miller svc place to call for specific point troubleshooting, but reading past posts will help. Im an navy et so it shoudnt be 2 hard.

    thanks again,sorry i got bobcat and tb mixxed up.
    aloha dan

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    S/N please... Robin or Kohler engine...Yes higher DC from a charger (boost setting) can hurt the board... but the initial battery dying and then "slowly" losing weld and also not charging now when the engine running.... Is your battery up to par and reading about 12.5 engine off and at least 13.75 when engine running and charging...


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      Hi Pop,
      its a kohler, new bat, no charge output.. I will get the sn todat


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        To clarify.. you are saying the battery is not charging? Correct? Does the welder operate correctly while you have a good battery installed?

        Is the in line fuse setting over the starter OK? The voltage regulators have a copper strap from metal housing on the regulator going to the frame of the motor.. I've seen several have bad connection at either screw end, back them out a little and reseat... checks the ohms on two outside wires on the unplugged plug

        Click image for larger version

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          Hi Popscot,
          welder starts ,runs, no charge, no weld output.I was told I would have to replace the rectifier and a main power board. $500 for the bord $100 for the rectifier. I will ck the ground tomoro,new charged battery, i thank you very much for the reply. Since this was a common problem I would think there would have been a thread about it? Unit 9 years old under 100 hrs run time


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            The "battery not charging" may be a separate issue from "no weld output with a charged battery"... Don't overlook the inline fuse over the starter..

            Did you find a serial number?

            no weld output with a charged battery.... Does your power board have a bunch of LED's or just one LED?
            Power board RC21 with pin 5 being common
            Pin 1... 0 vdc good, 15 vdc bad (from front board)
            pin 3... 12 volts
            pin 4... +15 vdc
            pin 6... -15 vdc

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              Thanks popscot i will look into that asap


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                The ground from the voltage regulator is important. make sure you have good connections on the regulator and the screw that grounds to the engine.
                I've cleaned up more grounds than replaced regulars. If you don't have around 50 AC on the 2 outside wires you need to look at your stator and flywheel.


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