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Correcting problems with big blue

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  • Correcting problems with big blue

    On the big blue Pro 300, and Pipepro series, the white tyewraps are work hardening and biting into the control cables. This is causing a lot of electrical noise, weld issues, and component damage. If you were to open the hood on these machines, then remove the white tyewraps, separate the wires. You can use the Artic brand of tyewraps in different places if you want though not nessesary. The Pro 300 has to have the side heat sink door dropped to remove the tyewraps as well. On the older machines , even 2 years prior, there is a significant weld difference for the better.

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    I recall running one pro 300 machine. It had a Cat diesel in it. It was the worst welding diesel machine I've ever used. No matter how I adjusted it, I couldn't seem to get an arc that I liked with it.
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