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Connecting CST 280 with HF 5000

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    Hi Schnellboot we recommend reaching out to our tech support team to discuss. The number is 920-734-9821.

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  • Schnellboot
    started a topic Connecting CST 280 with HF 5000

    Connecting CST 280 with HF 5000

    Hello dear forum members. I have been exploring the pulsing capabilities of my Dynasty 200 on some recent Tig DC jobs on SS. I learned to appreciate how faster and with less heat input some welds can be done. The Dx it´s the only real Tig I own. Thus, some fear grew up in me because of my lack of a back up Tig machine.

    My local Miller distributor happens to have the Miller HF 5000 high frequency starter and pulser in stock. I asked him if I could use my CST 280 as a power source for the HF 5000, and then benefit from the hf arc starts and pulsing range similar to the Dynastys. He told me that Miller techs informed him it can be done by setting the CST in EXX18 SOFT . He has been a trustable man for many years but when I asked for the, apparently to me, different stick- tig volt ampere curves he said they are the same, except the tig curve is cut abruptlly and discards the final shallower tail the stick one has. I checked the CST manual and they really look similar.

    What do you think? It can be done?
    If I were to connect the HF 5000 ie to an XMT, which mode would be the correct one? Scratch start tig?

    I also would like to have this powerful DC tig combination for Helium welding an aluminum. It would be a rarelly used process for me nowadys, but it could complement the Dynastys Ac capabilities quite well, asides of the cool looks of the combo

    Thank´s in advance!