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  • Miller Suitcase Extreme 12vs

    We have currently been using a Miller Suitcase Extreme 12vs paired with a Miller XMT 350vs. Up until now it has worked great. Then all of a sudden the gas purge shuts off after about seven seconds when welding. The solenoid seems to be working. When the purge button is pushed the gas flows until you release the button. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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    Ask yourself these questions.

    1) is the switch functioning?
    2) is there an electronic module or relay working from the switch connection signal?
    3) have you given any thought to how you test to be sure?

    Now, because you didn't get the brightest bulb in the box replying, I'm going to suggest a simple check. Put a balloon, plastic bag over the end of the nozzle and hit purge, does the pressure build continuously or does it drop off?

    If it builds, grab the tape to hold it down and keep welding? You'll go through gas like crazy but it should work?

    Now as far as finding the actual problem, or giving you a simple this is it on how, I don't have it to give. But I'm sure it's fixable.


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      Try changing the mig gun, it could be in the trigger.
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