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    I recently purchased a 2011 Big Blue 500D. I would like to know how to set the machine for generator power.. Occasionally I will be using the machine to supplement my off grid solar. I already use it for welding but I want to make sure I have it set properly for use as a generator so that i do not damage my solar components.

    Thanks, Vin

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    Welcome! Did you get a manual with it? If not you can find one here:

    If you don't find it using the Serial Number search box, just put the name in the other box and scroll down to find one that matches.
    Should tell you all you need to know about the machine, but you really need to talk with someone knowledgeable of solar systems just to be sure. I would assume that if you connect it via a transfer switch to the utility power side of your system it would be OK, but having never connected to a solar system I would find a solar system expert to ask.
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      I always disconnect my solar when I run my Trailblazer Air Pak or my 135KW Cat generator that way I'm sure it won't back feed into the solar system.
      Good Luck,
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        I know a little more than most about solar power plants, my family's homestead is off the grid with a solar power plant. What controller are you using?