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Miller Bobcat 225 (all models) and Bocat 250 troubleshooting 101

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  • Miller Bobcat 225 (all models) and Bocat 250 troubleshooting 101

    I see the same questions for these models. If your machine isn't welding check these items first. This will fix 90% of the problems.

    1. You need a meter and have to know how to read diode check, OHMs, DC voltage and AC voltage.
    2. Check the OCV and 110v at the plugs in high idle. Not there? Turn machine OFF!

    All these checks are with the engine off!!!

    3. Check brushes. If they are short or stuck replace them
    4. Check armature across the slip rings. Most, not all are around 3.2 ohms or better.
    5. Check fuses. There are 1 or 2 fuses on the panel if you look straight down inside the front of the machine.
    6 Check rectifiers. Diode check blocking and passing on all 4 terminals. There are 2 of them in most machines.
    7. Check blocking diode on same panel with rectifiers and fuses
    8. Check rheostat. Ohm check from zero to end. Turn slowly. Make sure there are no breaks or bad spots.
    9. Check polarity and range switches. Good contact and no burnt or melted spots.

    This list should give you a good chance to troubleshoot it yourself.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm picking up a Bobcat 250 tomorrow.


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      If there is no AC aux...Simple preliminary check... engine off... ohm out the receptacles...stab to stab and each to frame... anything other than a low ohms is not correct... The double breaker AND a small single breaker are in the both circuits.


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        Originally posted by 1997CST View Post
        Moderators: If this isn't allowed. Please delete.
        Why would troubleshooting information - Bobcat machine or any other - not be allowed?

        Especially when it's good and correct information?
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