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Odd 350 p problem

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  • Odd 350 p problem

    I just recently started using pulse in steel and every single time I strike an arc for the first time it sounds horrible and looks like Swiss cheese .then second time it's fine. I've ran wire and gas out first turned up my gas made sure there is no air movement it doesn't matter what I do it still does it. I've got where I do a spot on a piece of scrap first then start welding anyone have any ideas or do I need to call Miller ???? Thanks for any help never had this problem before only started when I switched to pulse

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    Once you stop welding, how long do you have to wait before this happens again?


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      What gas mix are you using?


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        I'm using 90/10 and usually I will weld a bit then turn off the machine then the next day it does it again I will have to test and see if it does it after turning machine on and off


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          It sure sounds like a gas in the gun problem. Is it possible you simply need to give the gas more time to replace the air in the gun after you've left it? I find I have to run a decent amount more gas to get a really good pulse going. I'm running 90/10 too.


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            Sounds like a lag in the gas solenoid...Bob
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