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    HELP!!!! Having problems with a trailblazer 280 ntp. This problem is intermittent welding power stick and wire. For example it will quit in the middle of welding then turn the machine off and on a couple times and it will begin to work again. Also this is strange but in low idle it seems the idle is a little high then you can hear it idle down just a little bit and it will begin to weld again. This has been going on for a couple months now however this machine is no longer reliable so we only use it around the shop now.

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    Does it go to low idle while you're welding? Is that why it quits welding? I am certainly no welder expert, but I do have a 280NT, and been fixing a lot of electrical and mechanical stuff for about 50+ years. By "turning the machine off and on a couple of times", do you mean stopping the engine and restarting it, or turning the output switch off/on a few times? If you put the main switch to RUN instead of RUN/IDLE (or whatever it says--I can't remember exactly) will it keep on welding or does it still stop? Please post your serial number.

    What if you're not welding, but just running a grinder or other load on the AC outlet--does it act the same?


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      It stops welding while in both run mode or run idle. What I was trying to explain is that in run/idle mode you can hear that it has idled down into a lower idle what is weird is when it's not working low idle seems to be slightly higher than it should be if that makes any sense. It is just something that we noticed while messing around with it. Also AC power works as it should no matter if it's welding or not. The serial number is LB182148.


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        Also yes I mean stop the engine and start it again sometimes that works sometimes it doesn't and just give up and walk away.


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          Check the brushes. It all starts there.


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            Originally posted by 1997CST View Post
            Check the brushes. It all starts there.
            My thoughts as well. With the TB having separate rotors for auxiliary and weld power it's easy to believe the weld rotor brush is worn past usable service or sticking in its holder. There are a few other things that could be causing the issue but as 1997CST said, check the brushes first.

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