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can't stop bird nesting

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  • can't stop bird nesting

    I picked up an older Miller sidekick a while back. For the time i was using flux wire to practice with until i got a tank of gas, and had no issues it seems i could weld all day without any problems. Now that i have a tank i switched everything back to MIG, and no matter what i try i won't stop bird nesting, I tried putting more tension on, i tried taking tension off, i tried new tips, and bigger tip, and when i run the wire through it doesn't seem like it's getting hung up on anything in the liner.
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    Question #1: does it birds nest when the mig gun is perfectly straight?
    Question #2: How accurate is the groove in the drive roll lining up with the wire?
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      Are the drive rollers, liner and tip correct size and type for the wire your running?
      Have you blown out the liner or replaced it?
      Do your inlet and outlet guides have grooves worn in them that could pinch or shave the wire?
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        What's the distance between the drive wheel and the liner? I've seen some welders with missing parts between the drive wheel and the liner. The missing parts were supposed to guide and support the wire into the liner.


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          What wire and diameter? Which roller set, U, V or knurled?

          I have to say, I don't think I've ever had solid wire birds' nest on me. I might be leaning towards the above post that you're missing a part.


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            My best solution is put an owl decoy in the general area this will keep the birds away thus no more birds nests. Lol sorry just could not resist