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250g Trailblazer circa 1989 fixed

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  • 250g Trailblazer circa 1989 fixed

    So, before purchasing matching technical manual for the specific model I have, serial #JK717103 stock#903107, welder came to a point where it had no weld output at all, in any range or in any DC polarity or AC. Checked all usual suspects, all connections good, new brushes, switches, reostat, both rectifiers, transformers all good. Cleaned copper contact points on coarse range switch. Still nothing. Field current card, began searching for replacement, no luck really. I disconnected plug-in leads going to card, removed it, inspected under magnifying glass. Came to find that the four wire input section had cold solder joints which were clearly visible under right conditions. Watched some old videos from the 80s on YouTube from Pace Electronics about repair soldering. Did the work, plugged it back in and fired it back up. Oh yeah, I did check RPMs with an old Reed tachometer I got off eBay a long time ago, Onan engine running good between 3600 and 3700 rip ems. So I let it warm up grabbed some 7018 and was able to strike an arc first flick of the wrist and it burned that rod down perfectly. That was four years of starting out knowing nothing about electricity when I bought it, to being forced to read, study, and watch hours of YouTube videos, to the point now where I fixed the Trailblazer, the XMT 300 in a previous post, and now understand enough to have a import mill converted over to cancel Mach3 conctrols with VFD and servos, able to wire up a replacement/upgrade 3 phase panel in my barn/shop, wiring contactor and identifying unlabeled motor leads for my American pacemaker lathe, and being able to fix or replace motor starters for the well pumps out on my father's farm to keep water flowing for his orange orchards. So to sum it up, although it seemed to be a piece of junk that I got ripped off on, it turned into the best $1400 spent and the proper fire llit under my ass to gain knowledge I'd never thought I'd could began to understand ten years ago. Hopefully someone might read this, realize they can do it too.

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    Buddy...this is one of those hand shakes.
    The high five, fist pump, tops bottoms, finger wiggling slides, kind of shakes, that you give to someone who hits a home run in getting it. Fought the good fight and won. Struggled to learn the complicated and came out smarter. Showed that you can if you try and if that isn't inspiring what is? I knew you had it in you.
    Thanks for sharing.