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    So I have an industrial lease that costs me $915 / year for 12 bottles of gas -- oxygen, acetylene, argon/h, argon/ co2, etc (various cf bottles) for the MIG, TIG, oxy-a setups I use. Was thinking about going the ownership route and my question is what experiences folks have had with suppliers when you bring them your own tanks...................suppliers such as Thorougbred, ARC3, AirGas, etc.

    Also -- any experiences, recommendations on getting cylinders recert'd as required.
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    Experiences are largely area-dependent. In some areas supplier service is great, very flexible, etc. Then go to another area, and people report being treated unfairly, unable to purchase certain size tanks, difficulty in swapping out owner-cylinders from other companies, exhorbitant fees, etc.

    Luckily I have a great supplier here in South Texas. I have No issues bringing in cylinders from other places, easy pain-free swaps with the purchase of gas, simple $25 recertification fee for out-of-date cylinders.
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      Around here, (Northern VA), none of the gas suppliers will sell > 80 cf. I use tractor supply for my mix-gas (75-25) they have 120's. Effectively it's like a purchase after the first payment. I swap tanks with them pay for the gas and there's no rental. They have 02, 75-25 and acetylene but none of the more exotic gasses like HE mixes and 90-10 Ar/C02.

      I get my 90/10 from Roberts, a local supplier. Honestly it's like a cartel. All the suppliers have the same cost and same policies.

      I can get 120 cf tanks off Amazon, filled or empty but I'm not clear how the suppliers are with owner owned tanks. It would cost me another $200 for a 120 empty tank to test. I might do that next time I need 90/10 because they don't carry it in stock anyway.
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        I own 10 cylinders and just trade them for full ones. That way I don't worry about the tests...Bob
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          So I talked to Roberts yesterday and the counter guy says they won't touch customer owned tanks at all. I asked about bringing my own 120 in for a fill of 90/10.

          I need to check with the other 3 suppliers in the area.


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            I own my 2 cylinders - one 330 cu ft argon and one 277 cu ft oxygen.
            Bought them about 35 years ago from my local welding distributor.
            I swap them when they are empty and pay for a hydro when needed.

            Argon tanks costs me $50 and oxygen is $48.

            Unfortunately they were bought by a larger company who now only sells 80 cu ft tanks.

            This company manufactures and sells tanks.
            Based in NJ and Ohio.


            Don't know if your local welding distributor will fill these.
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              It's purely a money thing. It's not the tanks themselves. They make more money leasing anything bigger than 80 so, they don't sell bigger than that anymore.


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                I'm with Bob (aametalmaster) on this; 7 or 8 owned tanks - REALLY glad my LWS isn't as greedy as some; They'll sell me ANY size tank I want, and by now (going on 40 years) I'd have spent enough on leasing to pay for a MM350... Steve


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                  For a business at least your $912.00 lease cost is 100% deductible.

                  Don't have to worry about dates on cylinders either.

                  and dependent on supplier might be the only option.

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                    I used to rent my cylinders from Air Gas, one day I added up all the costs and figured out it was cheaper to own the cylinders.
                    I bought my cylinders from my LWS,(Barnes Welding Fresno CA) they come the shop to exchange them, at a service charge.
                    So I just haul the empties to town when I need more soapstone or wire....
                    Good Luck,
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