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Miller Spectrum 300 Plasma Cutter

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  • Miller Spectrum 300 Plasma Cutter


    A 2000-ish Spectrum 300 landed in my lap. The unit works but the torch does not. Person who gave it to me told me the torch is "fried".

    Now I haven't worked with plasma cutters before and dont really know anything about them in terms of repair. So I am looking for some input.

    First, can the torch be rebuilt? If so, is it worth it?

    Manual says this unit has an ICE-25C torch, which I haven't been able to find a complete torch online. Is there other torches that are available that would work with the Spectrum 300?

    Is any effort in fixing/replacing the torch worthwhile for this unit?


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    I thought that machine came out in the 1990's? With that said, that fact that it's still working is a tribute to their quality.

    I'd rebuild it -- haven't done it personally, but Miller has quite a parts infrastructure out there...


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      Looks like the manual for it.


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        Thanks. I already have the owners manual and it does not specifically list if other torches are compatible.

        Also, using the part numbers in the manuals doesn't help in finding parts. It appears Miller doesn't support this unit any more. Hence wondering if anyone knows of cross compatible torches.


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          Have you checked for parts at


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            What makes you think the torch is bad? Have you pulled the torch out and given it a once over? I'd check for continuity and whether the trigger works. Does the unit allow air pressure to get to the torch when the trigger is pulled?

            There's what looks like a safety interlock on the gun called the "cup switch". I wonder if that's good?


            These guys claim to have the torch. Apparently it was made by Hypertherm for Miller. Looks like it was used on a couple different plasma cutters.


            These guys seem to sell a non-miller replacement.
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