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Bobcat 250 low weld out put and no idle down

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  • Bobcat 250 low weld out put and no idle down

    So Having some more issues with this unit, bobcat 250 carbureted Koehler 23motor. Serial number: Lh005511. Done a good amount of work on this unit and then it sat for a bit. It no longer wants to go into low idle, when applying battery volts to solenoid it pulls in and idle down. No voltage output from hour meter/ idle control to solenoid. It has the voltage input from the ignition switch when put into low idle mode. I’m guessing the hour meter/ idle control needs to be replaced, unless it is missing another input that I am overlooking.

    The second and more concerning issue is that at the proper setting for 1/8 7018 rod it will not hold an arch. I have to crank everything to the max to get a 1/8 7018 rod to burn and even at that it’s not burning very well. I did replace the C1 capacitor last time I was in here just because I had already ordered one and sr1 and sr2 checked out ok then too. Any help would be appreciated.

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    What is your OCV in high idle?


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      What is OCV


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        Open Circuit Voltage--the voltage between the two terminals where your welding leads are connected.


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          72volts with leads disconnected and running at high idle.


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            72 OCV is a bit low but it should weld. You said you've done a bit of work on this unit. How are the brushes? Rheostat? Did you or someone else replace the rheostat? If so it should be a 207177 or a 233060. I've seen Bobcat 225 rheostats give this same problem if installed in a 250. Lastly how is F1? Clean it up make sure you have a good fuse and holder.


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              So I replaced the rheostat with the factory replacement ordered from air gas. Brushes are good, also cleaned the armature a little bit ago. I will check F1 connection to fuse holder and make sure it’s clean.