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Need PN for a MM180 .045 wire guide

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  • Need PN for a MM180 .045 wire guide

    After checking my MM180's manual to see if it would run .045 flux core, and it did say it would,, I bought a 10 lb roll of wire, a drive wheel and a liner, but now I read in this thread, I found while searching for a PN for the .045 wire guide, 180 class machines won't run .045 flux core. ... and me trying to get through to Miller has been a terrible experience. So does anyone have anything to say about running .045 flux core in my MM180, and perhaps know where to send me to find the wire guides part number, .the manual doesn't show it. I hate to drill out the wire guide the machine came with if the machine won't run .045 wire.

    No it won't run .045 link even though the owners manual says it will...
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    found the guides at Zoro.


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      Myself I wouldn't run .045 on that machine. Just my thoughts...Bob
      Bob Wright

      Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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        Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
        Myself I wouldn't run .045 on that machine. Just my thoughts...Bob
        I can run the new spool of wire on my 251, but that's not what my plans were. To run the .045 on the 251 I'm going to have to buy new drive wheels.

        On the bright side the new .045 wire guide which I ordered for the MM180 is actually one that fits the 251, so their screw up didn't hurt me, and the new liners will fit the 251's gun, so the disaster will only put me out the cost of new drive wheels for the 251, and a new spool of .030 fluxcore for the MM180,, over a $100 boondoggle all because I relied on the information given in the MM180's operators manual.