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161 STH performance and troubleshooting

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  • 161 STH performance and troubleshooting

    Hi there - anyone familiar with the in's and out's of the 161 machines? I using an STH that's supplied with 110V 15A. There seems to be a problem with the anyone familiar with the error display, "SA"?

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    Might stand for “service agent”. Just a guess though. I didn’t see any reference to that error code in the manual, although I just skimmed it. Try calling Miller tech support. Has this welder been operating perfectly prior to this?


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      Yes - it's been operating quite well until now. Lift arc setting is not working either. We've been using the remote amp control until now. I'm going to call tech support tomorrow.
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        Man I hope you get it figured out. See if it will stick weld before you call, might help them figure out your problem.


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          Those are fairly new. I would think yours is still under warranty? Serial number would help. I've worked on quite a few of these and if it stick welds ok the problem has been in the front panel board.


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            I hope it’s under warranty. I doubt any sort of electronic board for these is cheap.