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Passport plus no weld output

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  • Passport plus no weld output

    Hey all, so I have a Passport Plus serial mc051458n with no weld output. The feeder doesn't come on either but the gas solenoid does. I'm pretty sure the feeder doesn't come on because the feeder controller doesn't see voltage from the inverter . There are no codes coming coming up, all the front panel lights are normal. All the diodes and igbts are new, and I'm at a loss on this thing. When I first opened it up the feeder and inverter were intermittent, but now I got nothing. There weren't any crispy parts anywhere I could find, all the voltages at all the test points and pwm signal to the feeder motor were good as well. I would really like to get board schematics so I can better figure out what is what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can't remember if the Spoolgun selection on the front had any effect on drive roll/weld output. Mine is at home so I can't check it.

    I know it changes inductance for Mild Steel and Stainless but not sure what it does when it is on Aluminum.

    Hopefully something simple

    Ed Conley
    Passport Plus w/Spool Gun
    Miller 125c Plasma 120v
    O/A set
    SO 2020 Bender
    You can call me Bacchus


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      when switched to aluminum mode the feeder control board supplies voltage to pins 3 and 4 on the gun connector to power the spool gun. I am hoping that I will get schematics soon and I can trace out some more stuff to test. Either there's a bad driver for the igbts maybe or something that acts like a fuse? The only clue I could find as to maybe why it died was a cut in the power cord, but it was not burnt or discolored from shorting out. There's a hall effect current sensor in the power section but I'm not sure how to test it yet. Also quite a few capacitors to check out but I don't have a capacitance checker yet.