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Just added A Millermatic 211 to my shop

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  • Just added A Millermatic 211 to my shop

    I have the Diversion 180 and found it would be nice to have. MIG as well.
    got home last night and set it up. Turned on the 75/25 gas and I had no readings from the tank. I pulled off the gauge set and turned the valve. It

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    Hope you'll stop back to finish that thought

    I've been looking at the 211 also, would like to hear your feedback.


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      I bought the 211. As a novice I am having good luck with the 211. seems like a well build unit and even a novice like me can weld


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        It has a really nice arc to it. Even though I have a new larger MIG, I'm still gonna keep my 211 (well after it comes back from the repair shop, lol). Don't be dumb like me and WATCH the duty cycle! Don't exceed it!
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