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millermatic 250 wont turn on

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  • millermatic 250 wont turn on

    i just bought a millermatic 250 from a estate sale the welder was in amazing shape and i got it home plugged it up and i cat get it to turn on i pulled the cover and im getting power in and out of the switch it dose nothing idk where to go from here what more to check im hoping it not the board i know it been sitting for a few years. any im put would help thanks

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    Got the jumpers correct for your mains input?


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      Yes they are correct for 220 1ph


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        On the inside, above the drive rollers there is a little white button, It's the CB1 reset try pushing that.


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          Not sure what you mean it does nothing? Does the transformer hum when you turn it on? Have you tried to jump the trigger to see if its just a bad trigger? This is fan on demand so the fan will not run until it heats up but you can jumper a relay to see if the fan runs.. Need more info.