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miller xr feeder power problem

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  • miller xr feeder power problem

    hey everyone i got a miller xr wire feeder with a push-pull gun my problem is my 1997 miller air pak that im trying to un it off of its a cv and cc machine with a 14 pin plug. which i not getting 115 vac at the 14 pin im not sure if it should have it or not but my question is can i wire a 110 plug like a extension cord since there both 110 vac that i can plug into the power outlet on my welder. the serial number for the feeder is ka850145 any input would be great

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    I remember that my 2002-ish Miller Trailblazer 301G had a 14-pin receptacle but did not have the 115V control part of it enabled. Miller sent me a new control board when they got one made that fed the 115V for me. They didn't do it just for me, but had received enough requests to make it viable and I got one of the first ones. Turns out there were still enough people like me using dinosaur feeders like my Millermatic 80A that used 115V for control instead of 24V. Perhaps your machine is also of the era that didn't have 115V enabled at the 14-pin connector.

    To answer your question, you can use the 115V from any source, but you may have to rig up your remote control accordingly.