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  • Let me introduce myself

    Hello all, my name is Chapman Fluent. I'm 27 years old and live in south central Ohio. I own and run Fluent Welding, LLC and love it. I first started welding in jr. high and have loved it since. I never thought there was a way to make a living in welding. I was wrong. I have worked on inland waterways as a maintenance and deckhand, I worked for a couple railroads and then took a job as a maintenance man. I attended Hobart also. I have a ton of experience in custom fab and maintenance/repair welding. I decided to start my own business after doing it part time as I saw a huge market in the maintenance and repair welding in my area. I currently have a dodge 1500 4wd, and just bought a trailer to put my equipment on. I cant justify buying another truck when mine is paid off. I have one big contract company, and a ton of construction companies and farmers as well as the local county engineers office and city as customers. I look forward to chatting with everyone and seeing projects as well as posting my own.

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    Welcome! What a wealth of experience and knowledge we can leech off of you!


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      Welcome to the site!
      A FEW OF MY TOYS !!!

      MX Linux

      Miller Roughneck 2E
      Lincoln Weldpak 100
      Gianttech Arc 200
      Victor O/A


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        Welcome! Do you currently have a Miller welder? I'm guessing a MIG of some variety.
        HTP Invertig221 D.V. Water-cooled
        HTP Pro Pulse 300 MIG
        HTP ProPulse 200 MIG x2
        HTP Inverarc 200 TLP water cooled
        HTP Microcut 875SC


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          Welcome from NE Ohio...Bob
          Bob Wright

          Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.