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Idea for TIG Foot Pedal Current Control on Old Econotig

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  • Idea for TIG Foot Pedal Current Control on Old Econotig

    On the newer Econotigs, you could cut back maximum current with the dial on the machine. On the older ones, current was 100% controlled by the pedal.

    My next door neighbor makes molds for the plastics industry. He has an EDM. He controls dept of burn with two brackets and the head from a micrometer. The less he advances the micrometer, the shallower the burn. I plan to adapt this idea to the foot pedal mechanism.

    1. Cut out a portion of the skirt at the end of the pedal on the Miller foot pedal.
    2. Install a bracket with a 10-32 nut silver soldered to it.
    3. Install a bracket on the skirt below the bracket in #2. Position the bracket so it allows the pedal to be fully depressed if the screw is fully retracted.
    4. Run in a 10-32 screw.

    Easy stuff. Don't need to spend $107 on a foot pedal with a dial.

    The challenge is going to be, how far to run in the screw for a desired current. The Chinese welders have a digital display telling you current by a number that's supposed to be ?? Watts? Amps? Who knows? If I bought the unit with the dial, it has no numbers, so I'm no better or worse off.

    I don't need to find myself. I'm always at my lathe.