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my Smithy Midas 1220 LTD 3-in-1 toy, LOL

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  • OscarJr
    started a topic my Smithy Midas 1220 LTD 3-in-1 toy, LOL

    my Smithy Midas 1220 LTD 3-in-1 toy, LOL

    Aaaannnnnnd more than 3 years later, LOL

    So far I've bought and/or ordered:
    • ER40 Collet setup for mill
    • AXA QCTP and assorted tool holders
    • 20pc HSS 2 & 4 flute end mills
    • Shars 5" vise w/ rotating base
    • clamp set
    • parallels
    • Slotting saw arbor
    • Shars 3" precision boring head & boring bars
    • Shars precision keyless chuck
    • 10pc HSS 1/2" square tool blanks
    • Magnetic dial indicator holders w/ 0.030" dial indicators
    • 1-2-3 step blocks
    • Horizontal/Vertical rotary table w/ 6" chuck & divider plates.
    • Slotted angle plates
    • Adjustable angle plate
    • Steady Rest & follow Rest
    • Co-axial centering indicator
    • Live Center set w/ interchangeable tips
    • Flycutter

    The last unknown frontier is indexable carbide tooling. Now, I know I can get away with HSS for pretty much everything I plan to do, but at the same time, I don't want a project inside of another project; IOW I don't want to spend too much time learning other than basic HSS tooling blank forming---I'd rather just buy the tool to machine what ever part I need that doesn't already exist. But for now I'll have to do some research on indexable carbide tools. :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

  • Ltbadd
    Looks nice Oscar, looking forward to your machining projects

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  • OscarJr
    Thanks. First machining job was to turn down a socket to fix my Sears Crapsman torque wrenches that had loosened nuts inside the handle.

    Next job is to check out the concentricity of the motor shaft of my Millermatic 211 that wobbles on me.

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  • aametalmaster
    Real nice. Enjoy it. I sold most of my machines and kept the biggest one

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